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ICA is more than food

We are creators, innovators, engineers, communicators, administrators, chauffeurs, everyday heroes – and so much more. With great commitment and the latest technology, we develop better solutions to improve the everyday life of all our customers.

Get familiar with the ICA spirit

Do you say hello to everyone you meet? If not, it’s time to start practicing. Here, we always cheer with first names, ask curious questions and are more than happy to share what we’ve just learned. It doesn’t matter if the person is your manager, your manager’s manager or someone you meet for the very first time by the coffee machine. In our corridors, stores, pharmacies and warehouses, there are no hierarchies – only people. Together, we do our very best to contribute to our shared success. We call it the ICA spirit.

Become the best version of yourself

Whether you dream of becoming a world champion at what you do, lead a large team or try something completely new, we offer you great opportunities. For us, your potential is as valuable as your experience and background – and we know that you have great talent. How you decide to use it is up to you! The most important thing is that you want to grow and learn more. By keeping on exploring, and constantly looking for new ways to change and improve, you push yourself and the whole company forward every day.

A unique chance to make an impact

In ICA's stores, in our pharmacies and online, we meet a large part of the Swedish population daily. It gives us a unique opportunity to really make a difference – every day, every minute, 365 days a year. With us, you are improving the ways of making simple choices that lead to a healthier and more sustainable everyday life for millions of people. We do this through initiatives in all parts of the company, where you are an important piece of the puzzle. No matter what role you have, your commitment will be a part of creating a better tomorrow – for us and our planet.

We take your ideas seriously

With us, being yourself is easy. For over a century, we’ve built our success on a shared commitment in all our customers and in each other. Sneakers, suit, soccer nerd, knitting pro, CEO or fresh out of school. Wherever you come from and whatever you like doesn’t matter – we’re headed in the same direction. Who knows what the next thing in retail will be? Every idea is important and your perspective could be the thing we need to solve a problem or find the next answer for a tricky challenge. Everyone who works here is curious to hear what you think.

Find your work/life balance

We know you have the best ideas when you have balance in your life. But feeling good means different things to different people. Maybe you need to pick up and drop off children? Exercise at lunch? Or get help finding someone to talk to? We want to offer you a flexible working life where you can make use of the benefits and support that makes you feel good. Through our different investments in health and well-being, we want to help you create great habits so that you can engage in the activities that give you energy. Our benefits are made to make everyday life easier and bring you a better balance in life.
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