Work in a store

Want to make a difference in people’s daily lives?

Store employees with heart and commitment

Do you know the meaning of outstanding service? Do you like helping people and making their lives a little easier? Then you’ll fit just right in working in an ICA store! A store employee with us is known for their curiosity, energy, and customer commitment. Behind the cash register, in the deli and on the floor – we who work in the stores represent the image of ICA. We address the customer’s big and small issues with a smile, and do not quit until we’ve found a solution to every tricky question.

​​​​​​​Every year, thousands of store employees begin their careers at the many ICA stores around the country. For some, it’s also the start of an exciting future with ICA. You can work with a lot of different things here, in both small and large stores and with first-class customer service. All stores are run as individual companies by entrepreneurial and committed retailers. This means that you as an employee will have the opportunity to work with some of the best entrepreneurs in Sweden.

Work at MAXI ICA Stormarknad

You can do a lot of different things working as a store employee at our Maxi stores. In addition to a wide range of foods, there is also a large selection of what we call specialty goods – simply everything that is not food. At Maxi Special, the store's department for these special products, the customer finds everything from pots and pans to clothes and toys.

When you work at ICA Maxi, your working hours may vary. A Maxi store opens early, closes late and is often located on the outskirts of the urban area, easily accessible to customers. Despite its size, ICA Maxi should be a store where shopping is easy and fast. As a store employee, you have a mission to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Want to work at ICA Maxi? The range in food is run by the stores themselves, while the range in specialty goods is a "store in a store" that is managed centrally by ICA. If you are interested in working with the special range, you will find available positions here. For all other roles, contact your local store directly.

Work at ICA Kvantum

When you work at ICA Kvantum, you’re responsible for the service at the local leading grocery store. Our Kvantum stores have a high proportion of fresh produce, a local range and a large selection of allergy-adapted, healthy, and organic alternatives. Here, customers will find both delicacies and affordable food for every day of the week. By gathering everything under one roof and offering really good prices, the Kvantum stores simplify the lives of many people.

At ICA Kvantum you can have a lot of different positions, and the stores have generous opening hours. Usually the Kvantum stores are located centrally or in a place easily accessible by car.

Work at ICA Supermarket

As an employee at ICA Supermarket, you work in a store where many customers do the majority of their everyday shopping. The stores are located in town centres, at squares, around the corner, along the road or in the countryside. This means that your job is close to where customers are living and working, and the personal service is extra important. Here the customer will always find a wide range of local products, no matter if they are doing their weekly shopping, are planning a big get together, or simply fixing the evening’s dinner.

​​​​​​​A normal day or a great feast – with an exciting product range and smart solutions the Supermarket stores are making our customers’ days a little bit easier, and a little bit tastier.
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Work at ICA Nära

ICA Nära is the personal grocery store that offers their customers easy and affordable shopping – every day. About half of all our stores are an ICA Nära. Common for the Nära stores are their focus on offering the right product range, having fine fresh produce, and giving great service to the customers. Working at ICA Nära brings you even closer to the customer, since the stores often are located just around the corner from where they live. A lot of ICA Nära stores are also pick-up points for pharmaceuticals, Systembolaget and ATG.

​​​​​​​At ICA Nära, the local retailer has a personal relationship with the customers, and has the unique opportunity to adapt the selection of products around their wishes. The retailers are also close in the range of products, since they’re buying from farmers and other actors in the local area.

Working at ICA Nära is a varying and learning experience. You work as part of a smaller team where it’s important to do what needs to be done at the time necessary, in order to constantly give top service to loyal customers.

Summer jobs and side jobs in an ICA store

Do you want to work extra or have a summer job in an ICA store? Right now we are building the retail company of the future, and the stores are a large part of this exciting change. There are many opportunities to try on different roles and learn completely new things. Having a prior experience from working in an ICA store is a huge plus, no matter what role with us you’re interested in for the future. Perhaps you dream of owning your own store one day? A side job or a summer job in a store is the right way in. The application process for these kinds of jobs differs depending on which store you want to work in. Contact your local store and they will tell you how to apply for a summer job there.
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How to apply for a job in an ICA store – step by step

Step 1

Find out if ICA is a match for you

ICA’s values are commitment, entrepreneurship and simplicity. Do they correlate with who you are as a person?
Step 2

Find your store

Decide what ICA store you want to work in. Keep in mind that you should be able to get to and from work easily, and that you can work during the store’s current opening hours.
Step 3

Contact the store

All ICA stores are individual companies. That’s why you need to talk to the person responsible for recruiting to the store in question in order to learn how they want to receive your application.
Step 4

Submit your application

Put together an application in line with the store’s requests. Think about how flexible you can be, if you have any special wishes regarding work assignments, and why you would fit in with ICA.