Warehouse and logistics

Do you enjoy efficiency?
​​​​​​​Then we have something in common

Join us in designing climate-smart ways for the future

As a colleague in warehousing and logistics, you’ll enter right in the middle of a major project that is changing the entire retail industry. By 2030, we will have reduced the climate impact of our customers' food purchases by 50%, be using completely fossil free road transports in Sweden, and have achieved a net zero climate footprint in our operations. Together, we have a mission to push this important transition, and you’ll be a key person on that journey. No matter your role within the chain, you’ll be responsible for delivering food and pharmacy goods to millions of Swedes and contribute to a positive experience in stores, pharmacies, and e-commerce.

We continuously work to improve and streamline processes where innovation is key in order for us to lead the development. Our highly automated e-commerce warehouse in Brunna is one of these initiatives – where both managers and employees find completely new ways of working with the help of modern technology.

​​​​​​​By building efficient and sustainable processes, developing new, smarter solutions, and improving small but important details, we create an easier and better everyday life for our customers.

The power of change pushes logistics and supply chain forward

As an employee within logistics and supply chain, you lead the processes that are making us the future’s smartest retail company. Everyone who works here is powered by finding new ideas and solutions that will create the conditions needed in order to change and improve every part of the chain. You and your colleagues are challenged by complex and exciting missions, and you are expected to solve them with your joint knowledge. The goal is to find ways to make all things a little easier. No idea is too big or too small with us. If you, too, believe that the ability to take initiative, and the power of change can create wonders – you can make a great difference with us.

​​​​​​​In logistics and supply chain, we share knowledge and experience, and have a common strive for personal growth. Whatever road you want to take, there’s room for you to grow in our large organization and use the available opportunities to learn new things.

Energy-filled days at ICA’s warehouses

Do you want to work at ICA’s warehouses in Västerås, Helsingborg, Kungälv, Kallhäll, Viby, or Borlänge? Or perhaps at one of our e-commerce warehouses in Gothenburg or Brunna?

As a warehouse employee, you are part of a team that enjoys the fast pace, and where everyone does their utmost to contribute to the steady flow. The energetic feeling of efficiency we get from our active days, as well as the fantastic atmosphere, means that we who work here start each day with a great feeling in our guts. With us, you are making a difference in creating changes and improvements, big and small. Together we do our very best to deliver on top, and give both stores and customers world-class service. By ensuring that the right person receives the right goods at the right time, we help to make everyday life a little easier for many people.


Your exciting future with us 

At our warehouses, no two days are alike, and there are many exciting work tasks ahead for you. Tell us what your goals are, and we will support you on your journey towards personal growth. Some employees want to broaden their experiences, others want to become group managers. No matter what road you choose, you have a lot of opportunities at ICA.

Common roles with us

Here you can work throughout the entire chain – from planning, project and process development to carrying out the practical work and contributing to more effective flows at all levels. Some of our most common roles are Warehouse worker, Product Planner, Transportation Planner, Supply Chain Optimization Manager and Business Developer.

Meet our employees

Anna Olsson warehouse worker

Anna Olsson
Warehouse worker at ICA

Meet Anna Olsson one of our warehouse workers at ICA.  This is an active position with variation every day.