hållbarhet och samhällsansvar

Sustainability and CSR

Great ideas to help everyone live a better life

We care about what happens tomorrow

With us, a sustainable future is so much more than just a heading in a policy document. Here you and your colleagues work together every day to create the change that must take place. As industry leaders, we not only have the responsibility to be at the forefront – we must set the agenda. We can, and will, improve the ways to make simple choices that lead to a healthier and more sustainable life for millions of people. We do this through initiatives all over the company, and as an employee, you are a big part in making it happen. No matter your role with us, your commitment is important in creating a better tomorrow – for us and our planet.

Are you ready for an important mission?

Food production accounts for 25% of the global carbon footprint. We have a great responsibility when it comes to running our business right, and inspiring and helping our customers to make more sustainable choices. We have been climate neutral since 2020, and now we are continuing our important mission to change and find solutions that drive positive change. As an employee at ICA, you’re contributing to this development. Together, we promote a healthier and kinder lifestyle for ourselves and our world.
minskad klimatpåverkan

Promises for the future and our customers


less food waste in warehouses and stores by 2025


recycled or renewable packaging for our own products by 2030


lower climate footprint from customer food purchasing by 2030


Net zero climate footprint in our own business by 2030


fossil-free road transport in Sweden by 2030

Better days for your little brother, old teacher and neighbor

Through coaching, inspiration, and the products we sell, we help our customers make healthier choices. We’re facing major public health challenges, where overweight and obesity affect a large part of our society. People want, but don’t have the strength to make the better choices. With us, you are making a great difference for our customers. By reducing sugar in our own products, inspiring people to eat less or better meat, eco-labeling medications, and increasing the ways of eating more fruit and vegetables, we help those who shop at ICA to take small steps toward great change. Our colleagues are initiating crucial details that create real change in behavior.

​​​​​​​Our common mission is to create a society where everyone has a place and where development is sustainable. Taking responsibility is a matter of course for us, and together with our customers, we can make a difference.

We’re local patriots – in 25 provinces

The Swedish countryside needs stores that see the potential, and invest in locally produced raw ingredients. We want to offer our customers good food made around the corner, and create conditions for local actors to expand where they are. We do this through close collaborations with farmers and local suppliers all around the country where our ICA stores are located.

An ongoing investment for Swedish products in our range helps our customers to shop locally to a greater extent. Today, over 80 percent of our dairy range contains Swedish raw ingredients. 85 percent of our beef, and almost 90 percent of the charcuterie products we sell within ICA's own products include Swedish meat.

​​​​​​​Through our Minute clinics we also make it easier for our customers to visit a nearby health center – while we in addition relieve traditional care centers. Customers can go here in connection to visiting Apotek Hjärtat or Maxi ICA Stormarknad.

Together for a promising future

When employees in our offices, warehouses, and stores do their utmost to support valuable initiatives, our impact is huge. We are proud of the great commitment, and as one of us you have every opportunity to make great things through our important collaborations.

Cancerfonden – The Swedish cancer society

As an ICA employee, you are an ambassador and partner to Pink Ribbon. Every year, we participate in the campaign to raise money for funding research that leads to fewer people being affected and more surviving cancer.

Swedish Red Cross

By making it easier for our customers to donate the money for their recycled cans, we continuously contribute to the Red Cross’ operations. The Red Cross also helps customers who cannot shop in person to get what they need.


Through the project Everyone is different – different is good, ICA and our 1 300 retailers support associations who are working towards creating a soccer culture where everyone is welcome – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Everyone should have a right to be a part of soccer.

Local sports associations

We want to be involved in creating an active club life where our stores are located. That is why our ICA retailers support over 2 000 local sports associations.

Everyone's right to work

At ICA we believe in the power and potential of each individual. That’s why we want to create opportunities for young people and those struggling to enter the job market. 70-80 percent of all ICA stores have employees with disabilities.

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