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Bank and Insurance

Help new and existing customers find the right financial products and secure insurance solutions, always with the highest customer service. Common roles are in customer support, business services, and development of banking services.

Corporate Responsibility

Join us and make ICA a leading actor in CR by ensuring that we comply with legislation and live up to our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations and requirements. Common areas with us are the environment, social responsibility, and health.

Finance and Accounting

Secure the company for the future by developing and implementing carefully planned financial strategies. Common roles with us are in tax matters, accounting, and treasury.

Real Estate

Locate and plan for new needs-based premises in the right places through ownership, rental and development of marketplaces. Common areas with us are project management, strategy and investment, and business development.

Human Resources

Join us in making ICA the most attractive and fast-paced organization through smart processes, the right tools for learning, leadership support, and matters regarding talent and diversity. Common roles with us are HR business partner and HR specialist.


Solve business matters and technical challenges with your legal expertise by providing advice and dealing with issues around rights, obligations and privileges. Common roles with us are legal counsel, corporate counsel, and employment law specialist.


As a communicator, you have an important role in communicating the right things to the right target groups, both internally and externally. You do this by analyzing needs and choosing the right media channels. Common areas with us are internal communication, PR, and IR.

Project Management

As project manager you are an important part of the company’s development by driving changes that meet deadlines, specifications, and budget – as well as create results. Common areas for a project manager with us are IT, product development, advertising, and marketing.

Quality Assurance

Contribute to improvements in our quality work by creating and maintaining quality requirements and developing guidelines, routines and methods. With us, you commonly work with our products and services, or with quality review of our environmental work.

Risk and Compliance

Facilitate risk identification, risk management follow-ups, controls and management processes through compliance framework. Common roles with us are Compliance Officer and Compliance Manager.

Meet some of our employees


Emma Lindahl

Head of UX design at ICA
Micael Dahlén meets Emma Lindahl, head of UX design, who works with ICA’s digital services. This includes the ICA app, our voice assistant Monica, the ICA website, the store scanning system, and a lot of other cool stuff. Emma tells her story about working at ICA and the journey so far. She and Micael have a shared interest in experimenting and testing – which results in a slightly different feedback session.