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Marketing, sales and business development

Do you have exciting ideas?
​​​​​​​We have millions of customers

Join us in creating customer journeys of the future

With us, you’ll be a part of implementing ideas that truly make a difference. Build and develop our e-commerce, renew our in-store concepts, A/B test our solution for seniors or sell bananas to gamers. In marketing, sales, and business development, we have opportunities for you who are curious, creative, and want to make real change.

At ICA, we always put the customer first. In all our areas, we are creating new customer journeys where our goal is to become market leaders. To succeed, we need innovative ideas, attractive offers and exciting concepts for both online and offline marketing channels.

​​​​​​​By analyzing data and gathering insights from millions of customers, we get valuable material that helps us make smart decisions and find inspiring solutions. Together, we create relevant choices and spot-on communication that makes every day a little easier for our customers.
Change, test, and challenge the market
Working in marketing, sales, and business development, you have a great responsibility for ICA’s powerful brand. We care for this by listening to our target customers, analyzing and acting with insight on customer data, and developing relevant offers based on customer needs. We’re curious about the future and are always looking for new ideas or solutions together. Learning and trying new things is fundamental for our personal and the whole company’s development. When we learn from each other and collaborate over borders, we can find those excellent ideas that make a significant difference for the customers.

​​​​​​​As an employee within marketing, sales, and business development, you are changing the market while creating concrete improvements for millions of people, every day.

Work at Sweden’s largest in-house agency

At ICA Reklam in Kungälv outside of Gothenburg, we have the largest agency in digital and analog marketing and communications. Here you’ll find a fantastic mix of personalities and the different skills and tools needed to produce the advertising of the future. Together, we strive to create personal and innovative communication for every ICA store in Sweden, as well as for the other parts of ICA Gruppen, such as ICA Banken and Apotek Hjärtat. Everyone who works here is intrigued by the challenge of finding new ways of combining online and offline marketing channels to create the best experience for the customer, as well as concrete results.

By leveraging all specialists and the unique ICA knowledge, we can challenge both ourselves and the market. From flyers in the mailbox to AI and automated emails – everything is part in creating a unique journey where channels overlap and interact in order to create personalized offers and seamless experiences. Here, great creators have room to create valuable content, build brands and develop concepts to meet all different needs among our customers.

​​​​​​​At ICA, it’s important for every employee to feel like they can be themselves. We value the work/life balance and care about each other, while delivering high quality to all our customers.
Find the things you like to do
Whether you want to broaden your skills, take on a leading role or become a specialist, there’s a path for you at ICA. Your work day is varied, and you have the opportunity to change between areas and industries. We develop new products, services and concepts, and invent solutions that our customers don't even know they need. With us there are many opportunities to grow – it’s your decision where and how fast you want to go.
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Common roles with us

Here you can work both hands-on, strategically and project-based within marketing, sales, and business development – and in the areas in-between. Common roles with us are UX Designer, Product Owner, Final Art, Graphic Designer, Campaign Manager, Marketing Analyst, Content Manager, CRM Specialist, Business Partner, and Key Account Manager.

Meet our employees


Emma Lindahl
Head of UX design at ICA

Micael Dahlén meets Emma Lindahl, Head of UX design, who works with ICA’s digital services. This includes the ICA app, our voice assistant Monica, the ICA website, the store scanning system, and a lot of other cool stuff. Emma tells her story about working at ICA and the journey so far. She and Micael have a shared interest in experimenting and testing – which results in a slightly different feedback session.