Life at ICA

Meet the people of ICA

​​​​​​​Get to know a couple of our colleagues and hear them share common and not-so-common things happening during their days.

Emma Lindahl

Head of UX design at ICA
Micael Dahlén meets Emma Lindahl, head of UX design, who works with ICA’s digital services. This includes the ICA app, our voice assistant Monica, the ICA website, the store scanning system, and a lot of other cool stuff. Emma tells her story about working at ICA and the journey so far. She and Micael have a shared interest in experimenting and testing – which results in a slightly different feedback session.

Sammi Khayer

Digital Product Manager at Apotek Hjärtat
Micael Dahlén meets Sammi Khayer who works as a digital product manager at Apotek Hjärtat, a part of the ICA family. Apart from sharing his tips on how Micael could live to be 1000 years old, he talks about the things he believes are important at work, and what kind of people he wants to have in his team.