Learning and development

Want to climb high, branch out or dive deeper? Discover your potential

We know you have talent

However you choose to use it is entirely up to you. Tell us what you believe in and what you want to bring to the table, and we will create the best conditions for you to reach your goals. ICA is a workplace for those who like to test and learn new things. It doesn’t matter where, how or when you do it, the important thing is that you want to learn more. By finding daily learning opportunities and search for new ways to change and improve, you push yourself and the whole company forward.

Days filled with opportunities

What do you need to learn? You might not know that yet, and neither do we. No matter what conclusion you’ll get to, we have a path for you. With us, you can work within several different industries and areas such as retail, real estate, pharmacy, banking, and insurance. In-between we have a sea of different customer journeys, and our common mission is to make them the very best. We work together in and across both teams and companies. To succeed, we need curious employees with the ability to take on new ways of thinking, create alternative ways of working, and who dare to try innovative solutions.

Do you have a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset means that you continually strive to challenge yourself, learn new things, and find better ways to take on your everyday tasks. This means that your own motivation and initiatives are crucial for your personal and our common success. Sharing new insights with colleagues, and acquiring new knowledge as it is shared with you is also an important part of this dynamic way of thinking.

Test, learn and grow

To test and learn is a fundamental behavior with us. That’s why mistakes, and learning from them, is a part of our culture. Evaluating successful and less successful investments together is a tool in order to grow. To dare doing this is a must in order to build a powerful organisation.

You're leading the way

Your daily life with us is shaped by agile working methods and a coaching leadership. Whatever your job title is, we have great confidence in you and your abilities. That’s why we always expect you to guide yourself and take great responsibility for how you perform your tasks. We count on you to find help whenever you need it, and to support those who need help from you. Together we challenge the obvious and find new ways.

Smart tools for your growth

Everyone learns differently. In order for you to grow the way you want, you have access to digital support through our learning platform Grow at ICA, where you can expand your learning ability. You will also find inspiration and suggestions for activities to challenge your knowledge. As a new employee at ICA, you can also get a skill buddy through our platform Skillshare. Here are colleagues from the entire company with specialist knowledge to share, and who are eager to discuss and answer questions. Are you interested in analytics, change management, leadership, or something else? Book a meeting with a skill buddy and start your learning from day one.

Obsessed with improving yourself?

In addition to our platforms and tools, there are many other ways to hone your skills. Why not try something that’s far from what you usually do? Most groups are open to everyone, and run by the employees themselves. Perhaps “Fail Fika”, “Analytics Café” or “Tech Community” sound like something for you? Or perhaps you want to start your own thing? All ideas are welcome here.

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