Culture and values

A family of doers, visionaries, and everyday heroes

A little more fun everyday

We are pros at creating a more fun and easier everyday life for our customers. And that is the feeling we also want you to have when working here. That’s why we have built a company culture where everyone cheers using first names, help each other, and take great responsibility in becoming the best versions of ourselves. Work/life balance is essential for you to be able to contribute and focus to the fullest. To achieve greater flexibility in your everyday life, we offer an opportunity to combine office work with remote work for roles with the right work conditions. We value diversity and believe in the potential of each employee – where our different backgrounds and experiences are the core of our success.

​​​​​​​Seeing, listening to, and learning from each other has shaped a culture where we dare to challenge age-old truths, and lead the development in our industry. Guided by our values of commitment, entrepreneurship, and simplicity, we make a difference for millions of people – every day.

Commitment: You’re making the difference

We call it the ICA spirit. You’re not working for ICA; you are collaborating with thousands of colleagues who are encouraged by creating greater things. Regardless of what makes you get out of bed in the morning, you are contributing to our vision to build the retail of the future. Your commitment is essential to collaborate across borders, promote great ideas, and cherish the valuable relationships we have with each other throughout the company.

​​​​​​​Succeeding together and wanting to learn from each other gives us the strength to really make a difference. To us, good things are more than just food – we believe that a strong commitment will contribute to a more sustainable and better world.

Entrepreneurship: You’re creating the opportunities

Everyone is not an entrepreneur, but everyone can think as one. This means that you, in every situation, look for the smartest solution – and in some cases, come up with your own one. In stores, pharmacies, warehouses, and offices, we dare to challenge and think creatively to create improvements and drive change, big and small. We listen to our customers, study behaviors, and analyze trends to always stay one step ahead. Through determination, innovation, and the will to take responsibility, we create new opportunities for our entire business. Our data driven culture is guiding us towards well thought-out decisions, and we’re using available technology to create relevant solutions.

Simplicity: You’re considering easy first​​​​​​​

With us, you’re making every day a little easier. Whether the customer is your neighbor, a store manager or your colleague, you always do your best to make the experience as simple, useful, and smooth as possible. Simplicity for us is also an approach where we are honest, transparent, and trust each other. As a mindset for everything we do, it makes it easier to cooperate and accomplish great things together. It also helps us keep our focus on the customer, and challenge us to go the extra mile to make things easier for someone else.

Morning workout? Picking up kids? It will work out!

Together we’re making people’s everyday life a little easier, and this also applies to you. In order to be the best version of yourself at work, you need to make room for those other things as well. That’s why it’s important for us that you find your work/life balance. You also have the opportunity to combine your office work with remote work up to two days a week for greater flexibility in life, if you have a role that allows these conditions. Let us know what you need to get your everyday life in order – and we will do our very best to help you achieve this.

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