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Here life is a part of the job
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What would make your Monday a little easier?

We want to make every day a little easier for everyone. That is why we have put together benefits to help you in your everyday life. If you’re feeling good and have lots of energy – your work life will also be a great deal more fun. Through our various investments and initiatives in health and wellbeing, we want to help you create great habits so that you can engage in activities that give you energy. Life is different for everyone, and that’s why our benefits are flexible and can vary depending on where in life you are right now. We want to offer you the things you need, every day, to help you become the best version of yourself – in your private life, at work, as well as part of ICA.

A flexible workplace where we can grow together

Working with us should give you the best conditions to feel good and grow – as an individual, a colleague, and part of ICA. That’s why we have the opportunity to combine office work with remote work; to find balance in your everyday life and create even better work results. For those with suitable roles and tasks, you have the chance to work remotely up to two days a week – and be part of developing ICA as a workplace at the same time. With our flexible workplace, we get the best of two worlds. In the office, we find the energy, creativity, and culture collaborating with our colleagues. A – and through remote work, we get the peace and focus needed to make our ideas come to life.

Balance in all stages of life

Right now you are perhaps spending a lot of time at the gym. In a few years, you might have to reschedule your workday in order to pick up and drop off kids for school. Later on in life, it could be more important to have a different holiday plan. No matter what you need right now we help you find solutions to create balance in your life. Flexible work hours, remote work opportunities, different kinds of workout methods, inspiration to eat healthier, and a supplementary parental allowance. These are some of the things we can support you with so that you can stay focused, grow with us, and have a more enjoyable work day.

Better together
​​​​​​​– every day

For us, it’s not about running fast or eating a salad for lunch. We know that you’ll bring the best ideas to the table when you have balance in your life. And the things that make us feel good are different for different people. What we know for sure is that a friendly and inclusive culture where you can relax and be yourself is part of creating that feeling of security and wellbeing. We’ve been working with our company culture for over a hundred years. What we call the ICA spirit is a major reason why a lot of us feel so at home at work.

To make you feel good long-term

All our employees are valuable to us, and we want to give you the right support in order for you to feel good long-term. As an employer, we want to make sure you can be yourself at work, and feel involved, seen, and supported. We are dedicated to work preventively with the work environment and do everything we can to make you feel safe at work. But sometimes, things don’t always turn out as planned. We work with different efforts to be able to observe at an early stage if someone’s not feeling well – so that we can support our employees through tougher periods in life. Through our benefits platform, we have offers and discounts on mental training, mindfulness and CBT support. Of course we also offer occupational health care.

Try a new workout and pick a different lunch

Together we strive to inspire and motivate our customers to eat better and live a healthier life. This is reflected internally as well. We have the opportunity to bring forward healthy food trends, offer product samples and invite you to lectures around healthier choices. As an employee, you can also engage in efforts to encourage exercise. On top of the wellness allowance and different workout discounts, several of our workplaces also have facilities for exercising.
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